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Tough Towels | 1 Roll of 21 Reusable Paper Towels, Large, Washable, Absorbent, HydroDiamond Cotton


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Master your clean, green, and affordable household with Tough Towels™

Our lightweight and plastic-free reusable paperless towels work just like a paper towel, minus the constant waste and unnecessary expense.

Store a roll of these paper towel alternatives next in your kitchen, under the sink, or in the garage.  When you don't need a paper towel, grab a Tough Towel™ instead.


  • Twenty-one (21) towels pre-rolled on a reusable core
  • 100% cotton HydroDiamond weave for maximum "paper towel like" utility
  • Towels shrink to a final size of 12.5 in. x 10.5" in.
  • Feel free to wash with bleach and hot water.  Tough Towels get stronger with every wash.  Use a gentle wash to maintain a fresh look.
  • Static cling allows towels to be re-rolled like a standard roll of paper towels.

-- WHY WHITE? --

Patterns and dark colors cover up stains and grime, but is that really what you want? How will you know if you're using a dirty or clean towel?  

Tough Towels are bright white so you know exactly when your towels need to be washed.  We've got nothing to hide!