Strong Strap™ - Universal Garbage Can Lid Lock / Retainer Kit

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The U.S. PATENTED Strong Strap™ is designed to improve the quality and utility of your waste cart by effectively keeping your lid closed. When your lid is shut, your trash will stay in the can where it belongs. For every can owner, this utility strap will improve the cleanliness of your trash carts with seamless integration.


  1. Universal: The Strong Strap™ attaches to every 32–96 gallon garbage can with a handle.
  2. Durability: Engineered from high-grade outdoor materials, the Strong Strap™ can withstand the beating a trash can takes on a weekly basis.
  3. Easy Installation: Tools are not required to install the Strong Strap™. Just unbox the product and install on your can within minutes. The process is simple, just loop, screw, and snapDigital Installation Guide.


Stuffability” means fitting 1-3 extra bags or crushing cardboard in order to keep the lid shut. The Strong Strap™ eliminates litter from overflow, keeps recycling dry, and is an aesthetic improvement. Learn More.

-- VS. PESTS --

If you’re interested in stopping pests – then the Strong Strap™ is the most reliable solution for you! When it comes to small animals expect break-ins to significantly decrease…

  • Raccoons: 98% decrease
  • Possums: 99.9% decrease
  • Squirrels: 100% decrease (use metal bin)
  • Rats: 100% decrease (use metal bin)
  • Birds: 100% decrease
  • Dogs: 100% decrease

For black bears, two Strong Straps are recommended along with a method for keeping your can upright. Results will vary – the Strong Strap is not recommend against brown (grizzly) bears.

Links: Ultimate Pest Prevention Guide | Strong Strap vs. Raccoons


Purchases include a 1-Year Replacement Warranty. If any part of the kit breaks, contact the seller (Blazer Brand LLC) to submit a warranty claim.