Strong Strap™ Stretch Latch (Universal Lid Lock for Outdoor Garbage Cans)


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Strong Strap™ attaches to most outdoor garbage cans to keep the lid shut. Shut lids result in cleaner trash storage.

For every waste cart owner, this patented stretch latch will prevent the mess caused by pests, wind, and overflowing trash.

Do your trash can a favor, buy a Strong Strap™ today!


  1. Universal: Strong Strap™ attaches to any 32–95 gallon garbage can that has a handle.
  2. Extreme-Durability: Engineered from the toughest outdoor materials we could find; Strong Strap™ will withstand the rough and dirty waste environment.
  3. Too-Easy Installation: No tools required! Just unbox and install on your garbage can in minutes. It's simple, just loop, screw, and snap. For more details visit our Digital Installation Guide.


Stuffability” allows you to fit 1-3 extra bags in your trash can and crush cardboard, all while keeping the lid shut. Strong Strap™ eliminates litter from overflow, keeps recycling dry, and it's an aesthetic improvement. Learn More.


Strong Strap™ is the most reliable solution for keeping pests out of trash. When it comes to small animals expect break-ins to significantly decrease…

  • Raccoons: 98% decrease**
  • Possums: 100% decrease
  • Squirrels: 100% decrease (use metal bin)
  • Rats: 100% decrease (use metal bin)
  • Birds: 100% decrease
  • Dogs: 100% decrease

For black bears, two Strong Straps are recommended along with a method for keeping your can upright. Results will vary – the Strong Strap is not recommended against brown (grizzly) bears.

** We recommend a high-quality cart (one with a lid that is hard to bend). 

Links: Ultimate Pest Prevention Guide | Strong Strap vs. Raccoons


Strong Straps come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty from Blazer Brand LLC. If any part of our solution breaks for any reason, please contact us by email at After a few quick questions, we will promptly provide replacement parts.  For detailed information on our warranty, please visit