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Strong Strap™ - Universal Garbage Lid Lock / Retainer Kit

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  The Strong Strap™ is... 

Keep trash in the can where it belongs.

Works on any can.

Parts designed to screw in by hand.

Tough materials for a tough job.

Quick Lock/Unlock. Always on the can.

The 1st line of defense.

Keep the lid connected to the can.


  How To Install  

  Purpose of the Strong Strap  

  Strong Summary   

The Strong Strap is the ultimate trash can upgrade - Shut the lid for a clean can, a clean curb, and a clean community.  The Strong Strap fits every can with a handle.  The parts are made with quality and durability in mind.  Our solution is hassle-free.  Once you strap up, you won't ever look back.  Lead the charge for a cleaner future.  Start with your can.

  Our Guarantee  

Guarantee: (1-Year Warranty) Fortunately, we have a lot of faith in the strength of our solution. Therefore, beyond our return policy, we offer a 1-Year warranty on every key part in our kit (Anchor, Retainer, Cap, or Strap). If a part breaks and is no longer usable, reach out to Blazer Brand (contact@blazerbrand.com) and let us know.  We'll put a replacement part in the mail for you ASAP.  

Returns: (30 Days) Not satisfied with our solution for clean trash cans? We accept returns on the Strong Strap (30) days after your order is placed. Blazer Brand will provide the customer with a return address label. Customer needs to pack the product in a box and attach the label. All product parts must be returned - including (1) Anchor, (1) Retainer, (2) Caps, (1) Strap.  Upon receipt of the return, Blazer Brand will credit the customer's account.  To initiate a return, reach out to Blazer Brand (contact@blazerbrand.com).


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