Strong Strap™ - Universal Garbage Lid Lock / Retainer Kit

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  Strong Strap™ Summary   

Designed to improve the quality and utility of your trash can; attach a Strong Strap to your bin to keep the lid shut.  When lids are shut trash stays in the can where it belongs.  The Strong Strap is guaranteed to enhance the cleanliness and security of your trash storage and collection areas.  Become a Trash Can Commando - reap the benefits of the upgraded trash experience for years to come.

  Features + Benefits 

Works on any can with a handle

Drill parts in by hand within minutes

Built to handle the beating a trash can takes on a weekly basis

Keep trash in the can where it belongs + Keep recyclables dry

Fit more in your can AND shut the lid

Your can may blow away, but its lid will be shut

Keep your lid connected to your can

Handle stays clean through trash cycles

The 1st line of defense.
We recommend 2 vs. Black Bears
Raccoon Guide

**The quality of the trash can you own will always play a role in the effectiveness of our solution.  Peak performance is achieved with a high-quality rigid trash can.

  Our Guarantee  

Statement on Service: We value communication and we want to hear from you.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out to us at  The following are our guidelines, but we're really just reasonable, kind people who want to help you improve your trash collection area.


Warranty:  The rubber strap is covered for one-year and the plastic parts are covered for three years.  If they break and are rendered unusable, we will send replacements.  For complete details please visit


Returns: (45 Days) Not satisfied with our solution for clean trash cans? We accept returns on the Strong Strap forty-five (45) days after your order is placed. If you desire to initiate a return, please reach out to Blazer Brand at  The customer will be provided with a return shipping label. All parts of the product will need to be packed in a box; including (1)-Anchor, (1)-Retainer, (2)-Caps, and (1)-Strap.  Upon receipt of the return, Blazer Brand will credit the customer's account.  To initiate a return, reach out to Blazer Brand (


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