Raccoon Proof Trash Kit: Garbage Can Lock & Mint Repellent Trash Bags (Bundle)


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Are raccoons making a mess of your trash? It's a gross problem to have. Luckily, this "Raccoon Proof Trash" kit is available to solve your problem. Start your journey to clean trash today!

Our 2-in-1 Kit contains (1) Strong Strap Stretch Latch by Blazer Brand and (1) 40-Count box of 13-gallon Mint Scented Rodent Repellent Tall Kitchen Trash Bags by Mint-X.

How to use this Kit to stop raccoons:

First, install the Strong Strap immediately. Strong Strap attaches to most standard 32-96 gallon outdoor trash cans with a handle. 

More Information on Strong Strap | Strong Strap Digital Installation Guide

Next, begin bagging all food scrap in a mint-scented trash bag. Place these waste-filled mint bags into your trash can with the S.

Combined you'll slow down the raccoons and decrease the perceived reward. Gone are the endless thoughts of "How do I keep raccoons out of my trash?" Instead, a new routine and cleaner trash are yours.